Tips for Keeping Your Passwords Secure

Tips for Keeping Your Passwords Secure

Tips for Keeping Your Passwords Secure

23 February 2021
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For individuals that regularly use financial service websites or tools that require them to input a password, it can be essential for them to follow the best practices for keeping their password safe. Otherwise, they could find that their important information and financial accounts may be compromised by hostile actors.

Appreciate the Need to Keep a Unique Password

One of the most important steps in helping to reduce the risk of your accounts being breached is to make sure that a unique password is used on all of the websites and services that you frequently use. Unfortunately, individuals that use the same password across services may find that they are more likely to have multiple accounts hacked at the same time. In contrast, those that have used a unique password may find that the hostile actor was only able to breach one account.

Regularly Update Your Passwords

A common method for individuals' passwords to be breached is for the website that houses their information to experience a hack. One of these hacks can result in the hostile actors gaining the passwords and emails used for all of the members of the service. Due to the tendency of people to keep the same passwords for long periods of time, this can make it easier for hostile actors to figure out the login information that you may have used for the financial service.

Frequently changing your passwords can help to lessen this risk as individuals that obtain passwords from other sources will be more likely to find that the password is no longer correct. Ideally, you should consider changing your passwords at least once every few months so that you can be confident that your password is secure.

Use a Password Manager to Avoid Oversights and Mistakes

Managing the various passwords that you are needing to keep can be a challenge. However, an easy solution for this problem is to use a password manager. These services can assist you with creating extremely secure passwords and storing them in an encrypted file. As a result, you will be able to easily utilize very long and secure passwords without the hassle of needing to remember all of these complicated phrases.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

An extremely effective step at reducing the ability of individuals to gain control of your accounts is to utilize two-factor authentication. When you are using this type of login protocol, you will receive a text or other message with a passcode that you will need to ensure. By enabling this option, you will be sent a text whenever someone is attempting to access your account, and they will be unable to proceed without the passcode that was sent to your mobile device or email.

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