Worried About Recession? 5 Keys To Managing Your Portfolio

Worried About Recession? 5 Keys To Managing Your Portfolio

Worried About Recession? 5 Keys To Managing Your Portfolio

25 February 2019
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Are you worried about a recession putting your wealth at risk? While you can't change the economic factors that cause recessions, there are a few proven ways to weather the storm and come out with your portfolio largely intact. Here are a few steps to take with a recession on the horizon.

Think Long Term. Recessions are cyclical. They come and they go every few years. They are also a short term problem. The biggest mistake investors make is getting caught up in the mood and making long term solutions to short term problems. Instead, remember that you have many years to accumulate wealth, and this is a speed bump on the road to success. 

Diversify. The biggest weapon you have during a down market is proper diversification. Diversifying your investments — between different classes of stock, between stocks and bonds, between public and private investment, and between growth investments and income investments — is key. Look for ways to spread out your investments and risk among many different categories. As some grow, others will fall. And the reverse will eventually be true as well.

Look for Commodities. Some of the most stable stocks when markets are tough are those that invest in things people continue to need. Staples, such as food providers as well as energy or fuel companies, tend to do better during hard times than speculative and exciting companies like technology or financial outfits. If you worry about the public not having enough to spend, consider backing things they will continue to require.

Research Companies. This is the most important time to know your investments. Do the research about how companies are preparing themselves for a down economy. Read their prospectuses as well as paying attention to quarterly meetings. Look for organizations that are putting their money to good use and have a solid history of wise financial moves. 

Continue to Explore. You may want to move to more stable investments in a recession, but don't stop looking for a good deal. Riskier bonds, such as corporate bonds, are often sold at great deals when things look rockier. Do your research in the company, work with a wealth management service, and if you feel that they show signs of forward thinking and recession-proof tactics, give them a try. Just don't invest more than you can afford to lose in these calls. 

Managing your investments during a tight economy requires more work than usual. But the result will be less stress, fewer losses, and a brighter path through this economic chaos. For more tips, work with wealth management services in your area. 

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