Short-Term And Long-Term Financial Planning: How To Set Up Easy Goals

Short-Term And Long-Term Financial Planning: How To Set Up Easy Goals

Short-Term And Long-Term Financial Planning: How To Set Up Easy Goals

13 February 2019
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Financial planners work with people like yourself to reach both short-term and long-term goals. Most of what they do is common sense, but it helps to see things written down on paper so that know exactly how to reach your financial goals. The following financial tips and advice help you understand just how easy these goals can be. 

​Short-Term Goals


​Everyone should start a savings. What seems the easiest to do that will not hurt you or hinder you financially? Can you put away five dollars a week? For most people, that means skipping one day of fancy coffee on the way to work. You could do that easily, right? With financial planning, it always helps to start small. You would be surprised how quickly your savings add up over the course of a single year. Choosing to forgo one fancy coffee each week and drop that five dollars into your savings adds up to two-hundred-forty dollars a year! As you do better and better with saving, you will find that it gets easier and easier to let go of things you really do not need in favor of things for which you want to save. 


​Investing has also become very easy to do. Apps on your phone allow you to round up the cents on your purchases and put the cents into investments. At the end of a single year, you could be the proud owner of one or more shares of stocks or shares in popular companies. Financial planners can show you lots of ways to take pennies and turn them into financial assets over time. If you are willing to invest money in larger amounts, the financial planners can show you a variety of stocks that cost less than a hundred dollars a share. They can also show you lots of other investments that are not too costly and will easily fit your budget. 

​Long-Term Goals

​Taking What You Have in Savings and Investments and Making It More

It will be a few years before you have saved and invested small amounts to equal larger amounts. When you have those larger amounts, then your financial planner can help you take those amounts and invest in larger and more profitable investments. That could mean more of what you have already been doing, or it could mean big ticket investments like real estate or capital marketing. When you are able to invest in bigger things, you can make more money and then think about retirement. 

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