Sourcing Affordable Materials From China

Sourcing Affordable Materials From China

Sourcing Affordable Materials From China

29 January 2019
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Importing affordable materials can mean the difference between turning a profit and falling into financial ruin. The global economy has given manufacturers access to materials produced throughout the world. This means that it is possible to import raw materials from another country in order to maintain strict budgets with your manufacturing processes.

China is one of the countries that you may be considering partnering with for the importation of materials. Sourcing in China can be a complex process, so be sure that you keep the following tips in mind to help you streamline the process and avoid costly mistakes.

Find Suitable Suppliers

If you are new to sourcing materials from China, you may not be familiar with the suppliers doing business in the country. It can be beneficial to compile a supplier list so that you can carefully research and evaluate the pros and cons of working with each respective supplier.

Sourcing or international trading companies maintain lists of vetted suppliers that can be trusted to do honest business. Take advantage of these resources to help you locate the right supplier to meet your material importation needs.

Negotiate a Price

The whole point of sourcing materials in China is to reduce the production costs of your end products. This means that you will need to brush up on your negotiation skills to secure the best possible price on imported materials.

You should work with a supplier who is willing to offer scale discounts. The more materials you purchase, the more affordable the per unit price will be. This scale discount can give you the best possible outcome when China sourcing.

Navigate Customs

Importing goods from a foreign country requires that you work closely with U.S. Customs to ensure your materials arrive legally. Customs requirements can be strict, and these requirements can change at any time.

You should always partner with an experienced import company or sourcing specialist when trying to navigate the customs process. These professionals have experience working with both foreign suppliers and customs agents to help get your materials cleared for entry into the United States.

Leaving your importation in the hands of a professional can eliminate the potential for costly mistakes to derail your profitability.

Chinese suppliers can be valuable allies when it comes to reducing production costs. Be sure that you are prepared to source reliable materials if you decide to try foreign sourcing in the future.

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